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Count Rudi: A Fortunate Man…


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Rudolf von Schonburg-Glauchau (Count Rudi) arrived in Spain as a very young man at the end of 1956, to work in a small hotel that was taking its first steps, the Marbella Club. Count Rudi was born in a castle in cold Saxony (Germany), but the tragedy that struck his family as a direct consequence of WWU, alongside a series of events that happened throughout his early adulthood, ended up directing him to Marbella, a place he learned to love as his home and would never leave again. The Mar bella Club has been his life, his great project and great passion. Today, that little hotel where he arrived al the age of 24 has become, without losing its distinctive personality, a prestigious hotel that is known and recognised all over the world. In this book, based on a long series of interviews, Count Rudi takes us on the journey that has been his life. An inspiring real life novel with stories about his family, his upbringing and how he and Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe embarked on an adventure of a lifetime and executed their vision to create the Marbella Club. On his goth birthday, Count Rudi looks back at his life and reflects on the challenges and difficulties (sometimes life threatening) that have come along the way and can’t help but think of himself as a very fortunate man …

ISBN: 9788494881893
Autor: José María Sánchez-Robles
Formato: 17 x 24 cm.
284 páginas
Año de publicación: 2022
PVP: 25 euros





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